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This is one app that has changed everything .for a start,that fact that a lot of us can travel .why?Because it has made the way we stay –while travelling–fit into a nice little budget that we can decided for ourselves.from homes,apartment,villas to beds the app has option for all your need.just browse through its amazing inventor and choose the place of stay .

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You can check out this website just click  AIRBNB.com


this is an awesome tool for backpacker just like any hotel booking site ,this app pulls out info about hostel in the city you are planning to visit on dates of your choice .browse through million of reviews to know if the hotel you plan to choose is safe and dependable.Related image

You can check out this website just click –hostelworld.com


Travelling in group and working out individual cost become a problem Let split tr do the math for you invite friends travelling with you to join.each one of you can add expense from you decide. this app forms from a PDF file and send each member a copy detailing his/her contribution.

You can check out this website just click –www.splittr.com


we seem to get all our travel-related arrangement sorted and get stuck at currency exchange.this is virtual marketplace that connect traveler with registered currency exchange anywhere in the world .you decided who is is offering the lowest quote and go with that.

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You can check out this website just click –Nafex.com


wi-fi could come to your rescue.this app shows you location nearby that offer free wi-fi along with passwords.you can download the map of the city you are travelling to,and the app lets you brows even without being the nearest potshot.

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You can check out this website just click –WI-FI MAP.COM

I Hope this post is useful for your travelling .must use this app.all 5 app are most uses app for travelling and all are best review.

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