Why Technology Is Good | 10 Reasons For Why Technology Good For Us ||

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Why Technology is Good: we are only alive because of technology simply is an Art or tool created by man to reduce the inputs of energy.Technology act as the modern days tools for human being. The human race has always used one thing or another create tools.

Whether technology good or bad that totally depend on us how we use it. from few past decades technology definitely made positive impact on our lives. it provide so many great things. technology gives us so many benefits from cellphones to internet and even for medical purposes.

why technology si good
why technology si good


Without Technology in our lives, our world we be a very different place.Not only does technology provide us with a new and improved way to communication.Old to new generation

s technology always played a major part in our daily lives. using technology right way is always helped us. from entertainment to education technology made everything possible.

Now we come on the topic Why technology good.

What is technology 

But before you need to read what is technology.My last post we explain the defecation of technology in clear manner.Click here to read this post..

After it read you understand the Definition of Technology.Now you able to read this Article so Let’s start.

Why Technology is Good.

why technology si good
good for child

Technology is very important in the current time. In the future technology increase by 2* times.Now day technology find every field and every where. Without Technology nothing impossible to do simply work.In the daily uses we use the technology and some other gadget which is also part of technology.

Example; if you need hot water you need technology similarly if you need cold water then you need technology.

In the small small activity technology involved.

We provide chat for your.please read All point.

                                                                                                                              Why technology good

so in this post we show  All the need of technology.

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