link2sd package invalid Fix Problem

link2sd patcher 4.0.13 Apk + License Patcher+Full Unlock

I’ve succesfully followed the instructions to partition memory card into 2 parts …one for storing files in FAT32 format and other in EXt4 as Internal Swap…But whn i create library files in Link2Sd app and reboot and try to link app 2 sd…it says package file invalid…plz help me how to solve this…!!!
PS: am using custom rom(xenon HD)

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link2sd patcher 4.0.13 Apk + License Patcher+Full Unlock


When installing various apps from the Market I get the following dialog box: “Error: Package file is invalid.” I am running CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RCO-BACKside-IHO-KANG eng.jerryscript.20120103.225809. I have 46 mb on the phone free and 4.9 gb on the sdcard free. Sometimes the error is that there is no enough space as well.

I have tried clearing Market cache and deleting Market data. I really don’t want to wipe everything and start over. I also would rather not sideload. I know this error is fixable. I have Googled and searched the forums. Nothing has really helped so far. Any ideas?

Edit: Here’s my solution:


  • Upgraded to newest JerryScript BACKside-iHO ROM per his instructions.
  1. Use “Recreate mount scripts” in Link2SD and reboot.
  2. Use “Relink library files” and “Link dalvik-cache files” in Link2SD and reboot.
  3. Use “Market Tools…” – “Market Doctor” for user & system apps in Titanium Backup (otherwise they won’t show up in “My Apps” in Market for updates).

I have done this every time I have upgraded the ROM and have had no problems since.

 Any version I use that is the plus version (which is needed to move a files internal files) doesn’t work. I try to make a link, and get an error “Link2SD Package Invalid”. I used to have no problem with the pro version.

Now the only way I can avoid that error is by installing the pro, and going with the basic to use.


Discussing warez… Cracked apps… And anything else that avoids paying for paid versions of apps is not allowed on XDA, and can earn you holiday from the site quickly.

Also, there’s a Link2SD official thread here for help,

Thread cleaned, and closed.

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