Why Technology Is Good | 10 Reasons For Why Technology Good For Us ||

You can Read this on my other website Freakytechs.com And Read this Post why technology good Why Technology is Good: we are only alive because of technology simply is an Art or tool created by man to reduce the inputs of energy.Technology act as the modern days tools for human being. The human race has always... Continue Reading →


Rejecting sex doesn’t harm your relationship ||During Sex the Refusal in a positive way||Not in mood?

  Faking a headache when you are not in the mood for love-making is common.While you think that it can hamper your equation with partner,you could be wrong. REV UP YOUR LIFE FOLLOW OUR BLOG FOR DAILY UPLOAD HELPFUL POST WHICH RELATED LIFESTYLE, FITNESS ,HEALTH, TRAVEL  ,FOOD AND MANY MORE . https://liferevin.wordpress.com A study instigation... Continue Reading →

What is Use-Effect of Garlic | How Immunity Boaster Of our Body|Rev Life

Garlic is grow in most parts of the world and is commonly used as a seasoning.It comes from the onion family and the Alicia compound present in garlic gives it is distinct odor. It also contains sulfur compounds which have proven to have some astonishing medicinal properties. REV UP YOUR LIFE FOLLOW OUR BLOG FOR... Continue Reading →


It's proven. Your style and what you wear can affect your health,mood,confidence and even performance.Science call it "en clothed Cognition"-that is it combines symbolic meaning of clothes and experience of wearing them.Here are recent research that decode the science behind style. To Get Going For GYM...Dress for It Leisurewear-in which workout clothes are worn in... Continue Reading →

5 Tricks every man should know to look his best for Girl||Life Rev||

Your Best face Forward Through everyday routines,morning shaving regime and tasks that involving basic grooming,hacks come in handy to save time and energy. So while ready in the morning,follow these tricks to make sure you reach work early and yet,look clean and groomed. 1-The Shaving gel Hack TO avoid cuts while shaving ,leave your shaving... Continue Reading →

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