5 Android Settings You Should Change in 2018

Get The Most Out of your Phone Essential Features 

1-Get Rid of New-APP Shortcuts

If you install a lot of apps,you’ll notice that a short-cut for the newly-installed app gets automatically created on the home screen.Some may find this feature handy but for many, it’s clutter. Instead of manually deleting each icon,do it at one go. follow this:Go to “Google play store “,tap on the tree lines on the top left corner,then head to “setting ” and unchecked the box reading “Add icon to home screen “.Now every time you install an app it will directly land  in your app drawer.

2-Hide Sensitive Info on Lock Screen

Android offer the convenience of allowing us to peek into the notification from the lock screen itself.But,this also means anyone who picks up your handset can browse through your private content. To hide sensitive content from the lock screen,jump into the “settings” menu and select “sound and notification” then tap on the “Gear icon” on the top right and configure notification to”hide sensitive notification content”.From now, the content of notification will be hidden until you unlock the phone.There is also an option to hind notification from the lock screen entirely.

3-Enable Google Play Protect 

Google play protect is areal-time malware scanner which scans each and every application that is installed or about to be installed in your device.It’s enable by default but there is one function in it that’s not.Go to ‘setting” then select “google” tap on “security” and then tap on Google play protect. There you can find two options,”scan device for security threats” and improve harmful app detection” the first option will be enable by default so enable the second.this will ensure that unknown apps downloaded from outside the google store will be automatically scanned for viruses and malware. if you happen to work with apps from unknown sources,consider this a must-use feature.

Tips for chrome..

Get Chrome Address Bar to Bottom

Moving chrome address bar to the bottom makes perfect sense for users with smaller hands. In the address bar of chrome type this: ‘chrome//flags;and you will be taken to the chrome flags page.hit the tree dot button in the top right corner and select ‘find in page’.In the search bar,type ‘chrome home’. The toggle for the option should be set to default .Tap and change it to ‘Enable’ A pop-up will ask you to to relaunch  the browser,but do not restart chrome yet.Tap on the option ‘chrome home android’ and enable it. Now,just restart chrome by tapping the ‘relaunch now button’ That it!

Tips for Storage..

Smart Storage

This feature helps clean space o n an overstuffed android device.by enabling it,you can remove photos and videos that are more than 30 days old and are already backed up in your google drive. Go to ‘setting’and tap tap ‘storage’.Here you will see the ‘smart storage’ option ,just enable it and you are done .please note that this feature is only available on Android Nougat(7.1) and Oreo.

Note:-Keep in mind that these setting may not be in exactly the same place across all device.


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